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19, Australia. This is a blog where I gleechris coffle, game of throne, sherlock, and firefly (whedonverse in general, really).
I write and draw sometimes, reblog lots, and can squee over just about anything (except wank. feel free to take that elsewhere).

Occasionally nsfw, when I reblog spoilers I usually forget to tag, and a capslock abuser: I'M NOT ANGRY,
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just came down from snowboarding. i am sore everywhere. and by everywhere i mean major joints and occasional nausea left over from too many hours on buses. 

didn’t stay up for long though. i still have the smell of campfire on me. 

also i will not be having a stable internet connection in the near future. tumblr oh tumblr. we have become like strangers, you and i. 

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81/100 → Jeremy Renner
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wow gaming takes up way too much time.

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laughing because cat hair

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Tweet of the Day: Ronan Farrow, the 24-year-old sole biological child of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, has never been a fan of his father’s marriage to Soon-Yi Previn, who is also Ronan Farrow’s adopted sister.
Mia Farrow’s “boom” retweet? Perf.
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I hate it when you just randomly get hit with crippling embarrassment over something you did years ago and you’re writhing with your hands over your face trying to tell the memory to go away omg shut the fuck up

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dear Glee fanartists we should all draw Blaine playing polo or even just riding a horse

because horses are fucking impossible to draw and i need a laugh

idk what you’re talking ‘bout Alo horses are easy

what do you mean man horses are REALLY fucking easy

wait what the shit

i forgot what horses look like

wait shit that isn’t right

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